Bay Area Wedding Venues & What to look for in a Venue. I

Winter Wonderland Wedding Decor

Winter Wonderland Wedding Decor









8 Things You Must Know Before Choosing a Wedding Venue. Part 1


No matter if you’re a wedding planner by trade, or  an armature, with a good list to go by, you are in good hands. Here are some tips to help find the perfect wedding venue and save your self some stress in the long run.

Start Early
Most wedding reception sites book far in advance, as far as 15 months. Yes, you heard it. As soon as you potentially know the date, start your search. When you have a space in mind, 1) Call to ask what they have available, 2) Ask if they have an open house. 3) Schedule a meeting with the site manager to get the momentum started. Some venues will let you reserve space for a short time without placing a deposit, while others might not want a deposit until 6 months before (see here for event centers). With a deposit you can sleep better when a particular reception venue has caught your eye.

Size Matters
Have a tentative guest list as soon as possible, you will have a better sense of the amount of room you’ll need. Your guests, and any service providers you hire, should all fit comfortably within the reception venue. Click here  for help with table set up. Some other things to ask the venue coordinator. 1) What square footage is the reception site. 2) Ask the venue coordinator for a floor plan or if she has a past floor plan you can see. 3) Figure out how to position tables, serving stations, and the entertainment setup such as the dance floor, how much room would the DJ need, is it one 8 foot table or two in an L shape? And any additional space for a photo booth and other vendors.

What’s your Style
Contemporary or classic? Fairy-tale or Vintage? When selecting your location, it should reflect the style and taste of you and your groom to be. If you want to add draping or hang lights and lanterns in the venue. 1) Ask the site manager if you are allowed to hang decorations from the walls. 2) If not, contact your local Designer and ask what options can be used, such as pipe and draping or lighting effects.  3) Ask the venue coordinator to review a portfolio of other weddings and events held at their location, as this can give you and your wedding planner ideas for creating a unique touch to the venue.

More on part 2

Wedding Shows in Bay Area Come Find Vendors for Your Wedding

Bridal Show in Bay Area

Bridal Show in Bay Area



It’s that time of the year again. Its time to plan another fabulous wedding or a celebration. Wedding fairs don’t happen quite often, but when they do, its always a girls day out. Although not all wedding fairs can accommodate beer and sports area for the guys…but will be discussing more of that in the near future, we give thumbs up for that man in your life who joins you on this new adventure.  Weather your looking for a florist or a venue, planning a wedding is not always fun, and bringing 20 pound of fliers home is not fun either. Here is a tip for that savvy on the go bride. When going to an open house or an expo, bring along two folders, one marked “CALL THEM” the other “MAY BE LATER”. Thus way when going through the vendor list later, you have a better idea what category they belong in. Also, schedule an appointment to talk details for that vendor you like. Taking up all that time in a crowded show, is less productive and unfocused. Remember, we are here to serve you and the best way for all our attention to be on you, is a consult. For a list of your local bridal show click here. And please also come and see us at the upcoming open houses in the Bay Area. Happy Planing.


Bridal Fair
Experience a staged ceremony as it would be on your special day at Palmdale Estates.
Meet dozens of vendors offering the very best services and products for your wedding.
Next Bridal Faire date:
October 27th 2013 – 12:00pm-3:00pm.
General Admission – $20.00
Palmdale Estates’ clients and all their respective guests enter at the reduced price of $10.00 per person.

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