Bay Area Wedding Up Lighting & Backdrop Decor Ideas | Planning



What are Backdrops and how to use them to compliment your wedding décor.

Wedding backdrops come in different shapes, textures and sizes. A professional backdrop is always a “WOW” to any banquet hall or venue. We say professional is because in

our day and time we have seen so many of the home made type that fall apart once hung. Yes we’ve seen those too, sadly. Because every wedding design is different and so are you. It’s doesn’t have to be generic just because a wedding draping and backdrop is done professionally. We see uniqueness in every bride. Weather it’s fringed crepe paper, paper flower backdrop, dot or leaf garland or a fabulous crystal backdrop. We at iDesign Events Studios have is all. If you can imagine it, we can built it. You wedding backdrop can be as unique as you are. Here are some great inspirational ideas for a wedding or a ceremony backdrop. Along with LED up lights, which add lighting to any venue or ceremony. The up lights are as just important when it comes to shining that spot light on the creativity and uniqueness of every style of backdrop. Our backdrops start from 490 and up, we can customize backdrops to your size and color. Keep in mind that outside backdrop do take a bit longer to set up, while on average it takes about 4 hours to set up a wedding backdrop.


We would love to help out any of the brides with their custom backdrop.

Please contact us any time.


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