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DIY in Sacramento Wedding Centerpieces Inspiration – Blooming Yellow Rose Box

This DIY wedding centerpieces project is especially for the DIY-type of bride in Sacramento.  Here are some steps how to make the DIY centerpiece easy. It’s ultra simple yet will make a splendid display on your reception tables or guest book signing table.


The size of this centerpiece is about six inches by six square. You’ll need the foam sponge that will hold your yellow roses, and about thirty three (33) small bud yellow roses. Using a large bud rose might not look as well or elegant because then take away from this petite design.

Now if you were using a large foam square box lets say a nine by nine square foam box then feel free to use the larger head rose blooms.  Our florist and designer Veronika Khar of Sacramento   iDesign Events Studio and Florist is here to share of how to’s.

Here are the items you would need.

Thick gage wire to hold the rose in the fresh flower foam box.

Clippers to clip the roses

Flower glue


And a broach or a pendent.


First we cut all the roses at the same length, then wire the rose stem with the wire so it will hold the rose bud as well as the stem well once you put it into the cube. Notice how symmetrical the roses are lined up on the top part of the cube. The fresh flower cube that we are using has six sided but you don’t need to use all the sides and the flower blooming rose box will lay flat as it’s carried or displayed as a centerpiece.  Once each rose bud has a wire inside gently arrange the fresh rose blooms symmetrically in a row.

As you can see the top of the flower box has 9 flower blooms and the side has only six but the corners add three more roses for each of the corner so that it looks more full making it about 9 blooms on all sides as well.  It’s wise to spray a bit of flower glue at the bottom, of each flower, not to much and the glue drips. Wait about 5 minutes until it dries. Add a ribbon of your choice of color and a broach to complete the look.



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