Hindu Weddings and Traditions.





Traditionally, Hindu weddings are known for a beautifully decorated Mandap. Meaning an architectural type of hall or pavilion for a historic ritual like a wedding. Conceptually it is a structure of four pole canopy, erected at the center of the stage, flowing with colorful linens and backdrops adorn with combination of flowers and garlands. Although the Mandaps very in type from region to region across India, the essential elements in concept are the same. The sacred blessing of the bride and the groom as the tie the wedding knot, among other ceremonies can last up to one hour. The

institution of marriage is traced back to Vedic times, as its held on the “bright half” of the northern course on the sun. The color scheme for the wedding day

décor usually lies with the bright colors of maroon and reds partnering with variety of gold colored fabrics. Most Mandaps are constructed of columns and pillars while others are dressed with soft chiffon’s and satin fabrics. We encourage you to consult your local event professional who is knowledgeable of traditions and customs for a flawless everlasting matrimony celebration. Don’t forget to make a list, check it twice and check the weather. Happy Planning.

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