Oscar Themed Galas & Decor Ideas | Black & Red Wedding Decor Rentals 1



Oscar theme ideas. Of all the themed events, Oscar is my favorite and Oscar is also  the most popular with the graduation. So if your graduating or throwing as awesome graduation party this theme is for you. Will all the glamour that comes with the red carpet and the fun awards given out to your guests. For instance the best dressed, or the best hair due. It doesn’t have to be heavy hearted its all about fun. Having a great theme is a great building block for a party and especially a gala dinner and fund raisers. Our Sacramento wedding planner, Veronika Khar, suggest having actor in a costumes, or look alike entertainers show up at your event. The colors for this theme is red and gold. Event props are sure to live things up with laughter. Decorating should involve a variety of Hollywood themes including a red carpet and Hollywood themes props that pertain to the art. All of these items are available from iDesing Events. From Hollywood themes 4-6 foot tall letters H O L L Y W O O D, to Oscar statues. Call iDesing Events today to schedule your free consultation. To enhance this Hollywood theme experience, add a VIP only style of enterance. Gold stamped place card with names are really neat if the linens and table cloths are red. For that extra gold, renting gold charger plates is great. Gives you that extra special look as your table top is displayed.

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