Vaselia Convention Center | Reception Decor Ideas

Winter wonderland wedding Decour. This is a large venue in California. It doesn’t look as attractive as one might think but after we’re done it’s gonna look spectacular. Our team provided the 600 spandex chairs that covered the not so classy banquet style chairs as well as 60 a button talk white table clause to go with our design team. Because the theme is winter wonderland everything is white and must glow and a beautiful white color to remind us of the beautiful winter. The centerpieces are about 40 inches tall it’s a crystal stand which stands on the table along side the other centerpieces it includes the chandelier that hangs from it as well as a must-have led do you light.

Because most wedding and reception’s are really dark we must include lighting in order for the centerpiece to stand out when the bride and the groom are you making the first dance.

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Maharani Weddings | Gatsby Theme Backdrop | Reception Decorations

Just gorgeous. Of course were talking about the bride. This beautiful ballroom is draped with a beautiful fabric that has sequins and the up lighting is in lavender. To bring out the sequence you do want to apply it as much as you can, meeting putting and up lighting on the brightest setting and setting the up light at least 4 feet apart. If you set the up light more than 4 feet apart you won’t have enough light in the whole ball room and as well as the backdrop. Which would mean that it will look like you’re skipping out on something and that something is up lights.

Our team is available to set up the core of lighting and everything you need to complete your venue backdrop and Decor just the way you wanted.

Whether it’s a small event or a large event I design events has everything you need. And the best of all if you have a particular budget you like to stick with will help you with that as well. You don’t have to break your bank.

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