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If you dream of a beautiful and original wedding and want to show that you are a special bride with a refined taste, then you are lucky. iDesign Events Studios and Veronika Khar our event planner can help you with all the wedding and reception planning.If you dream of a beautiful and original wedding and want to show that you are a special bride with a refined taste, then you are lucky. Bay Area Wedding & Reception backdrop color ideas helps – is important for us to make your wedding as a story and surprise you and your guests. Our team – take every effort to help you as this day to be the best in your life.We ensure a balance between a good idea and its original price. The company’s goal is to organize a wedding luxury, comfort and elegance, so each couple can be proud of the most original and unique wedding with all their nation.The company offers a wide range of services for organizing  any wedding, reception or party celebration event creativecreative and affordable for any budget.

Our services include: original hand made decorations for wedding celebration, venue decoration in the sublime and at the highest level, floristry (bridal bouquet, groom’s buttonhole), wedding accessories: glasses for newlyweds, arch of flowers, scented and colored candles, etc. We do everything with great love and passion for beauty, so your wedding to be a golden tab in story of your life.

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Organizing a fair event  is the key to success for an event such as the wedding celebration , every bride wishes that this special day to be perfect and look magical and you also want to remain memorable for many years. Agitation, positive emotions and planning of this sublime and important day begins long before the chosen day. Almost all the important aspects of wedding planning starts from childhood, for sure every bride dreams of her wedding day in a particularly glamorous and brilliant way. If you do not know where to start or when to do one thing in planning your wedding , that event will look pleasing , then we at iDesign Events Studios and Veronika Khar our event planner can offer at any time every detail in planning and decoration of  any wedding, reception or party celebration event.We know that you very much want that your wedding celebration to be memorable, and for that you need an original theme, a warm color palette and an elegant décor, that will represent your preferences and be extraordinary as to let pleasant and beautiful impression for your guests.Finally, it is important to follow your own style and preferences, and from there things will go by itself. Be calm, and let all your worries on account of our designers from iDesign Events Studio and Bay Area / San Francisco Wedding Planner  who guarantee a successful wedding. We will do everything at the highest level, so everything get out as you wish.