Do It Your Self Flowers and Centerpiece Rentals.

Trumpet Vase Centerpiece

When it comes to wedding centerpieces, in this day and age, it seems everyone is doing it. Is it worth it? According to some supper crafty women, DIY is less expensive when it comes to cost comparison. However, trying to put that many centerpieces together and delivering them to the site. Others say “I would avoid it like the plague”. But wait you say…I have an aunt, my mother and brides maids will help. But how to get them to do it the right way (your way) and NOT hate you in the end?! Well that’s another topic. Even so, lots of potential nightmares can’t be avoided. For instance, day of set up, who would bring you centerpieces to the venue? What if they break on the way there? If you are only allowed in, 2-3 hours prior to your event time, would there be enough time to set up and keep your sanity? Keeping your cool in the midst of all of this while your photographer is trying to take those fabulous photos……is not easy. If you opted “no way”, iDesignEvents is here to help. Weather its DYI delivery and set up, or may be you can rent some of our already made centerpieces. Cost start with 35.00each.