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A wedding is always awaited, well organized and in the end extraordinary.We start with the fact that each couple wants to make a wedding celebration memorable and therefore requires a certain climax. How to find it? The answer is simple: you need to ask a professional decorator or wedding planner, master of his work and very creative. Only he can find numerous ways in making wedding invitations, tables banquet, wedding venue, floral arrangements etc. look beautiful, elegant and fashionable. In this case, you will find common ideas for a perfect and well planned decor. No wonder haunting idea that a decorator – is not only a designer, but also a good psychoanalytic. Namely he knows what colors of objects are needed here and now, what  element is more romantic and what color represents you as a personality.In the arsenal of an experienced decorator usually many ideas are directed that the party to be wonderful and enjoyable both for newlyweds, and for guests.Therefore begin decorating from the entrance hall, from where you can greet guests, Welcome guests – one of the most important elements of the party so that the designer has numerous options. As an example, a tent decorated with flowers, where you can spend and when your registration, Welcome guests, and photographic moment. Or an arch  with an unusual shape – from a classical, to an avant-garde one, decorated with natural flowers, lace and various stylized elements.iDesign Events Studios ‘team and Veronika Khar our event planner know best what you need for  the celebration of marriage in a romantic, calm and wonderful atmosphere.

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Is natural for people to spend the most important events in attractive places nicely decorated, with good music and more fun. iDesign Events Studio Travels all over San Francisco, Napa, East Bay and San Jose. We have new and advanced technologies that allow us to do everything for any wedding, reception or party celebration event  to be one of the most successful,  even glamorous from the today days . Our most popular products are our amazing wedding backdrops. We actually founded this company with the only amazing wedding backdrop products 8 years ago. Because of growing demand for other rental product and décor  iDesign Events simply added from that point on.  After many years in business, iDesign Events is producing over 40 lavish weddings and events using our  fashionable backdrops, we finally decided to offer our custom-built wedding backdrops to other event professionals and the general public. Bay Area Wedding & Reception Decoration & Backdrop ideas uses fine fabrics from delicate material that adds finesse and elegance to any event. The décor elements are carefully chosen depending on the theme, style, favorite color, season and many other details.Our wedding backdrops, when combined with our ceiling drapery, are the most effective and cost-effective way to completely transform a room into one nice and pleasant for our clients and their guests. If you don’t see what you want, call us and we can make it for you. The bottom line is that we are able to offer any type of wedding backdrop to fit your exact needs and budget. We look forward to earning your business.

We travel all over Northern California with no hidden fees.