Fantastic Know Hows on Tablecloth Rentals and Linens. Part I

Pintuck Linens and Tablecloths

Pintuck Linens and Tablecloths







Not all tablecloths are created equal, with that said, here is some heads up. WARNING: please think twice if you buy tablecloths online. With shipping out of country (coming from China or Korea) and a very poor fabric fiber quality. You may get something that’s a throw away. For those savvy events that are on the budget, here are some tips for you.

Tablecloths come in a lot of shapes and sizes. If you’re looking to obtain a slightly larger tablecloths width to give you the overhang decorative drape along the table edges. Here are some definitions of tablecloths sizes.


Rectangular tables are usually used as the buffet tables or the signing table. They come in varying sizes, starting with four feet to about twelve feet. 4’x12’ they are known to be used in some community centers and schools. The most popular size for a regular banquet table size measures six or eight feet long by thirty inches wide or 8×2.5. Let talk about the 8 footer. It comfortable sits eight guests, four on both sides and ten guests on all the sided. If ten guests are chosen for the eight foot table, please keep in mind the total floor space needed for the eight foot table and the ten chairs around it, should be thirteen by seven feet or 13’x7’. Now as for the tablecloths, the 8 foot rectangular table requires ninety inches by one hundred fifty six inches 90”x156” tablecloths, which covers the whole table, hanging down to the floor. They are also known as Table Drapes.


Be mindful of vendors that provide just a regular banquet tablecloths, they are very small and narrow. Hanging only a few inches of the sides, exposing the ugly metal legs of all your tables. These linen rent as low as two dollars each. For a nicer look go for the Table Drapes.


Exposing the ugly metal legs of all your tables is not what you usually think when planning an event. Seeing so many events that we do, we are pros when it comes to linens! When it comes to an over all look, having the right tablecloth/linen makes a difference. Here is another way to add elegance to the venue that holds only rectangular tables. By setting two rectangular table next to each other, not in a train way, but side by side. For example when putting two eight by thirty inches tables together 2×8’x30”, the new table will measures sixty inches by eight feet 8’x60”. Doing this creates a nice square table sitting a total of fourteen guests is you use anything other then chiavari chairs and sixteen guests using chiavari  chairs do to their narrow structure. This type of table set up will save your budget from extra centerpieces. And if your venue is too large, it will help expand the floor space using up all that empty space. So here is the question, what do you cover this large square tables with? If you opt for two table drapes, your cost might be a little up sense your using two linens. Do your cost comparison. If your centerpieces are sixty five each  65.00, and the table drapes are twenty four 24.00, by using this formula you just saved forty one dollars 41.00. Happy Planning.Buy Levothyroxine online after comparing prices. Order Synthroid without a prescription. How much does generic Synthroid cost order synthroid. Order synthroid without prescription? Buy rx online; Healthy meds viagra, Weight loss injections! Order Online at USA Pharmacy! Synthroid Buy Online No Prescription. Free Delivery, Cheapest Synthroid No Prescription synthroid buy online. Any system, on synthroid buy online general principles. Best place to buy synthroid, cytomel substance viagra contains less micrograms, corrects the second.

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