Blue and White Winter Wonderland Wedding Decor Ideas

Beautiful Ideas for Winter Weddings.

Imagine entering a real winter wonderland with white snowy trees decorated by gold ornaments, gorgeous lighting creating an atmosphere of real winter, but all of these is in a very warm and cozy room with lots of elegant white chairs and white floor creating an image of snowy ground and extravagant altar. It is just a beginning–ceremony. I think this is just magical and fairytalish, a dream come true wedding. Add to it an enchanted reception room covered with frost and snow, huge branchy trees as centerpieces, all white and frosty, dim lights with purplish hue to create a cozy, romantic feel. Add some jazzy music on a background. What if there is also a fireplace next to a refreshment table with hot chocolate, gingerbread cookies and some delicious eggnog? These will truly make your guests feel like they entered

a wonderland of winter. Or instead of frosty trees, place icicle-inspired centerpieces with frosty uplighting. For a picture place, bring a real sleigh and let your guests have some great fun picture time. Add mittens as a wedding favors to thank guests for sharing your magical day.This is a fascinating decor that will leave your guests speechless and take them to a completely different place.



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