Venue Up lighting and Winter Wonderland Theme.



Winter wonderland theme decoration ideas. It’s no surprise this amazing theme has a great comeback year after year and season after season. And with out an amazing white lounge furniture to compel the look. With single seats in white to long and tall back “kane” modern lounge furniture. If your venue has amazing cute little corner it might just what this venue needs, beautiful up lights and white lounge furniture to complete the look. We have round and square pieces available. Also don’t forget the glow tables in the middle with an led or a crystal led sparkle vase to accent the table. Free delivery is available on some items, please call to check your stock items for your wedding or a celebration.


If your going for that over the top top look, don’t forget the white dance floor that brings out your venues beauty as the led up lights complete the look. As our favorite DJ about that up lighting for rent. We recommend at least twenty up lights for any venue for that glow look. Or if your interested only in the lounge up light look then we recommend at least eight to ten up lights.


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