Vintage yet Stylish Wedding Photography.

PhotoByKrisHollandPhotography©RealWeddingsMagazine-HEIDI-10Kris Holland phography. Wow! What a talent! He is unquestionably amazing! Kris is a photographer who does not use ‘artificial’ photoshop to bring into your pictures, but only natural scenery, light, prompts. He has a very good eye on the way photography should look. He is more a natural type of professional, who, in addition, takes his work seriously. Mr. Holland does not just use one lens camera and then photoshops the rest, he makes sure to use all the appropriate lenses to capture your special moment in the most magnificent way. Looking at his work, it is hard to believe that all of it could be done without photoshop. Another great things about Kris is his ability

to actually capture your moment instead of making you pose your moment. The pictures look phenomenal, realistic, romantic and natural. In addition, Kris is very kind, professional, thoughtful and punctual. He makes sure to deliver his work on time and even wraps it in a very cute package. He always returns your calls and handles even the most stressful situations on a very professional level. With Kris Holland Photography you will be able to relive you magical day many many times more after.


For more on planning your wedding, please contact your personal day-of-planner.

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No Stress Wedding Planner in Sacramento.



I’ve recently watched David’s Tutera call on who should give a bride a way .

Bride Feud’s situation is very sad and unfortunate. I think so many brides have to encounter the

resistance of their parents which against the bride’s dream, plan or even heart. Wouldn’t it be

wonderful if our parents would be always understandable and open for our ideas? Well, this could

happen only in a perfect word of dreams. Unfortunately, we all live in reality and not all of us

have a amazingly understanding parents, but it is known truth, we can’t choose our parents, so the

only choice we have is to get the best out of even the most difficult situation to still make your

day dazzling and joyful. Always try to calmly explain to your parents why something is important

to you, try to remind them gently that it is your special day and they had chance to make theirs

the way they wanted to. Resists to get into arguments with the ones who gave you life, even if

it feels at this moment as if they don’t care about you, they actually do and that is why they are

trying to step in and intervene. In their mind they are helping you. I think it is the right thing

to lovingly and carefully try to explain to them that their way of care doesn’t help you at this

moment and maybe they are unintentionally going too far and following their dreams and pride

instead of letting you living yours. Do not be afraid to show them how you truly feel, but do not

start the war with the most important people in your life. Negotiate.

For help with negotiating and keeping your sanity, call the Event Pros Today. We’ve got your back.

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