Ladies Sangeet Decorations Ideas Indian Traditions and Decor.

Sangeet and Jaggo Decor

Sangeet and Jaggo Decor

Ladies Sangeet Decorations Ideas

  • If your more likely to use the traditional way of decorating your home. If so then you’d love the colors schemes that reflect the ethnicity of the Indian culture. These include orange, maroon, yellow and shades of red can best serve the purpose.
  • Choose a color scheme and be merry. For instance, if you love those deep reds and maroon as the color for your ladies sangeet party,  don’t be shy, decorate the venue with items that are maroon in color or resemblance. You may also bring in variation by choosing two shades of the same color, for the venue, these are called  Analogous colors.
  • Welcome your guests by hanging a wonderful banner at the front, the garage or the entrance way of your home. Adorn the banner with bunches of miniature festive bells that when the wind blows the whole street knows you are celebrating.
  • When it comes to the inside your home, you may hang strings and garlands of ribbons and streamers from the ceiling. Place a beautiful centerpiece in the middle of your table, use a colorful glass flower vase, on the center table of your living room. Arrange fresh cut roses in the vase.
  • If your celebration is in the tent. Using Nicely lit candles or lanterns will create and give light to your festivities.
  • Yellow Marigolds are one of the chosen flowers for festive occasions in India. For the ladies sangeet party, you may decorate your home with garlands of marigold – hang them from the windowsills, trellises, and door frames and  staircases, they can also be hung in a garland fassion all over your home.
  • Other unique and traditional designs can also boost the celebrations is by using fabric drapes with beaded and heavy embroidery and mirror work.
  • If you want to impart a western  or modern look to the ladies sangeet party decorations, using the colors in example, pastel shades of green, blue, pink, peach, sea green or mauve. Exotic flowers like orchids, lilies and carnations can also be used for the Decor.
  • If fresh cut flowers are not available in your location, then you may resort to beautifully arranged artificial silk flowers, which look similar to their fresh counterparts. The advantage of using artificial flower arrangements is that it gives the same fresh look in the house for days on after, unlike in the fresh flowers, which need to be changed  and looked after everyday.


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Chuppah Decor and Jewish Traditions.

Question: What is a Chuppah?

Chuppah Rentals and Wedding Decorations.

Chuppah Rentals and Wedding Decorations.

According to the Jewish view of marriage and the matrimony, the purpose of marriage is both companionship and procreation. The Chuppah is beautifully adorn by fabrics marriage canopy that symbolizes the couple’s first loving home together.

During the traditional Jewish wedding ceremony, the bride and groom stand under the decorated Chuppah. Being under the Chuppah, historic blessings are recited, the golden wedding ring is given

to represent unity, the Ketubah is read out loud. A Ketubah is a marriage binding contract that explains the basic material, conjugal and moral responsibilities of the husband to his wife. Just so we are all on the same page so to say. It is signed by the groom, as well as two witnesses, and given to the bride during this ceremony.


The main purpose of theKetubah is to protect the woman’s rights during the marriage duration. And in case she is divorced or widowed she is protected, even then, historically, the Ketubah marked a great leap forward in the thinking about the rights of women.


After the Ketubah is read and after the bride has been given the golden ring, or at the end of the wedding ceremony (depending on local custom at the time), the groom breaks a glass, crushing it with his right foot, and the guests shout “Mazel tov!” (“Congratulations“). At some contemporary weddings, a lightbulb made from glass may be substituted because it is thinner and more easily broken, and it makes a louder popping sound. Ladies don’t try this at home. Happy Planning.

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