Tablecloth and Linens for Your Wedding.

Burgundy and Gold Table Decor

Burgundy and Gold Table Decor


Decorating your tables cape can be challenging, with the table sizes and the seating charts, this can be quite overwhelming. Don’t let that stop you from reaching out to your event decorator extraordinaire. Matching tablecloths and napkins is a work of art, having everything too matchy-matchy, it might look more like a party then an elegant black tie gala. Let the professional hold your hand as you navigate these new water. “When I have a client looking for a particular theme, sometimes what they mean is not what they mean. You get the picture. Having thousands of table display images and samples at our fingertips, helps avoid those misunderstandings.” Says Veronika Khar of iDesignEvents. We heard it said a million times before, a picture is worth a million words. We encourage you to pin your favorite photos, and even separate files for linens and chair covers and other décor option that your eye desires. Asking your wedding professional the right questions will help navigate these waters smoother. Looking at the season’s colors keeping in mind the in-house linen availability and asking for other décor options. Depending on your venue of choice, some of the colors chosen might not go well with the color scheme inside the ballroom. Be sure to take photos day and evening/night time to better be prepared for the look that puts a “WOW” every in mind.

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Linens and Tablecloth Sizes and Types of Fabrics.

splash1 Tablecloth and linens make a big bright statement. Whether its overlays in satin or glittering organza, they all come in different shape and sizes. We are here to help you understand the different shapes and sizes. Most all overlays are square in shape therefore if you’re using a round table for your celebration and the size is 60”, (sixty inches) using the 54” (fifty four inches) table overlay might be a hint to small. First of all your table is 60” (sixty inches) this means that there will be 6 inches or 3 inches on each of the edges will show the under table linen. So if you’re ok with this type of look. I say go for it. As the chart below indicates, 3” from the edge when you lay this square overlay down on the table. Most table overlays are 72”, (seventy two inches)  but we like ours so much that we custom compose them at 73”. This it gives the 60” a good sixty inch table a better flowyer look. When it come to fabric, most table overlays are organza, but not all organza are made equally. Which means some are more stiffer then others. So if you’re looking for a softer look, use the Mesh Organza not the Mirrored Organza.


Table overlays are a great way to decorate your table. If you’re décor is vintage, then we recommend the ribbon organza or rope organza. What this means is the mirrored organza has a design either from ribbon or a laced rope sown on top of the fabric. While caring for this type of table overlay is very crucial as they are gentle and can easily be torn. Mirrored organza is very stiff in style thus it is able to withstand the design elements from other fabrics or even crystals sown on top of its fabric. Hand washing is a must and absolutely not dryer as with the heat it ornately distorts the carefully placed design elements on the mirrored organza. While looking for the best designs, we strongly discourage buying anything online. We’ve were involved in an emergency day-before-the-wedding mishaps, where the overlays were extremely poor quality and terribly crinkled. While most rental companies do not own their own stock and use a third party vendor. Your budget might be a bit stretched as the markup are at least by four to seven dollars per item. We recommend seeking a local, in-house designer /  rental company that can accommodate your last minute orders.





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