Wedding and Event Centerpieces For Rent

Renting our nice centerpieces for your event and celebration is EASY. We at iDesignEvents, have a large in stock décor and centerpiece options items. Housed at our large Sacramento where-house. If your short on time, set up and delivery is available from our friendly staff for that savvy planner, who has other things to get done on her list. We travel all over bay area and Northern California with out extra extra travel fee. Our friendly staff is here to help you.

Here is a list of some of our glass vases.

Wedding Centerpieces and Cylinder Vase

Wedding Centerpieces and Cylinder Vase










Cylinder glass vase sizes range from 8” inches to 32” inches and diameter starts with 4” inches wide. In Example 3” width x 5” height  or 6” width x 10” height inches tall.

Wedding Centerpieces and Square Vase

Wedding Centerpieces and Square Vase











Square glass vases range from 3”x3” inches  cubes to 7”x7” inches cubes other sizes are available. In Example 3” width x 3” height  or 7” width x 7” height inches tall .


Wedding Centerpieces and Vases

Wedding Centerpieces and Vases











Low/ floating square glass vases range from 3”x12”x12” inches makes it a great floater for that lower simpler arrangement.  In Example 3” width x 12” width x 12” height  or 12” width x 12” width x 3” height.


Love these sizes? We do to. Call us today to rent theses glass vases with décor flower arrangement available in your color. Full delivery and set up available.

…………..More samples coming to you soon.

Cylinder glass vases have always been invited to the party. Glass cylinder vases with floating  flowers are a must! Here at iDesignEvents, we have a verity of floating flowers that accent your glass vase to choose from. Variety of  colors of Dendrobium Orchids are available. White, hot pink, purple, plum, orange, peach, lavender, green, and ivory are just to name a few. Combination of two or three glass cylindrical glass vases or as many as six glass vases per table, you will never go wrong. Floating candles are a great touch for that romantic glow. If you’re planning the modern type of décor, then the led lights are your friends. From LED base plates, that light up your whole vase from bottom up, theses come in black or white, or can be custom made with ribbon or lace for table accent. Other LED lights are submersible. Because these LED lights are submersible, they are really a one time use only, make sure to purchase extra incase some don’t work when you are setting up.Buy Celebrex online from Canada Drugs, an online Canadian Pharmacy that offers free shipping on all orders of discount buy celebrex. To visit a pharmacy’s website to buy Celebrex 200 mg or view a discount card, click on their logo or click “Go” in the last column. The active substance in Priligy is dapoxetine. Priligy is a prescription medication. Our confidential and discreet service allows you to order medication online, . Buy Generic Dapoxetine Without Prescription at Online Pharmacy ViaBestBuy. Cheap Cost of Dapoxetine Pills in USA. Purchase with Best Conditions!

Metallic Lace Table Overlays, Metallic Lace Runners and Rentals

creativecoveringsSilver Metallic Lace_Berry Dupioni_Small

Silver Metallic Lace Overlay

Table decoration and linens. If your venue provides your basic linens in white or ivory, (which many venues do), and you’d like to spice things up. We are here to help. Incorporating your theme at the table is very eye catching. One great way to start is by adding a runner. Runners are usually 12” wide and about 108” long. They are set in the middle of each table but can also be used in twos criss-crossing each other. Click here for samples. Table Runners usually come in polyester, long for POLY but many other colorful designs and fabrics available. One of which is organza, a sheer and very light weight fabric. Because of it being so sheer, this organza runner might not give you that color “pop”  for your table display that you are looking for.


The above photo is called metallic lace. Featured in a magazine “Dream Wedding Inspirations for Jennifer Lopez”. This Metallic Lace comes a few different colors, gold, silver and some bright colors, in example hot pink and green. This type of table runner looks great and give you a bold “pop” especially on a darker table cloth. For more color choices and availability click here. Or call us today at 916.396.7067. Happy Planning.

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