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True Love Photo is not your usual traditional photography, but truly the opposite. That is why it may not work for everyone. Beth the lead photographer and the owner of this unconventional artististry is loved and appreciated by many. She has been in business for 20 years and has had her studio for 10 of those. Beth has a very “edgy” and sophisticated touch and an interesting perception for any angle. Her style is hard to put in simple words, she likes colors, and she uses humor in some of her pictures. In her photos you will feel as if you are on the pages of some modern magazine and in some as if your right there, “in the moment”, it is truly nontraditional. Beth is very personable to work with, outgoing and makes friendships easily with anyone she works with. She puts her all in her work and leaves her clients satisfied and even beyond that. After all of it said, it’s the style of “you” you fall in love with as Beth’s creative side rubs off on all of us. Her unpredictability to catch that million dollar shot. When talking with Beth, make sure to bring your humorous side with you. Good luck on your search.


For more on planning and what makes your day flawless, please contact your personal day-of-planner.

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Indian Weddings and Traditions with a Sweet Touch of Amazing Cakes.



Flowerly Paisley Leaf

Cake…Such a delicious word that makes most mouths water… Couples get very creative

with cakes. A couple could go traditional way and order a cake for their reception or non-

traditional and order anything from cake pops to crème brulee, the call is truly unique to

each. I took a look at the absolutely gorgeous and mouthwatering cake examples from

Indian weddings here.

I think cakes and sweets

are important part of the reception and another opportunity for the couple

to shine their uniqueness which defines the style of their wedding. On the other hand,

some couples take it too far and forget about main purpose of it and go out of their

skins to impress creating more head ache for themselves. These delightful foods should

never steal a show and become a center of the attention; it only should complement

the wedding. Be free and creative, but don’t go overboard. If cake is not your favorite

dessert, make it secondary option at a reception and choose your favorites to take the first

place. May it truly show who you are. May it add something special to your day. Let your

individuality be seen in every element of your wedding, even in choice of cake.

Please Contact US to get started on the wedding of your dreams.

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