Footed Floating Vases and Wedding Flowers.

Footed Floating Vases and Wedding Flowers

Footed Floating Vases and Wedding Flowers








Floating glass vases and centerpieces. Working on your budget

can be very challenging when it’s pulled in all different directions. Sometimes DIY centerpieces end up costing you more with time and money. Literally! We are here to help! Our in stock table decorations and rentals are available and a few days notice. Below are some silk stocked items. Please call for availability.

Our most sought out is the Footed Floating Bowl. They look splendid together in threes or separated with other small glass vases and v glass votives. Rental starts with $22.00 each.

Add the gold box on the bottom with a purple or your choice of color ribbon that ties in your theme and you have a splendid table centerpiece. Box rentals is 10.00 each and is available in many colors to choose from.

If you’re looking for that romantic or enchanted glow, the use of candle glass votives is a must. We recommend about 4-6 candle glass votives per table. Their sizes and shapes differ. Most commonly used is the 2” inch round cylindrical shape, but the sweet square 2”x2” inch shape is not very far behind. But why buy glass votives and then the candles and all that worry, when you can get them for 39.99, the glass votives and the candles are all inclusive! No worries about the set up and who is going to light them. With set up and delivery available, this is EASY!

Button Tuck or Pinchwheel Tufted Tablecloth Rentals & Decor

LINENS (59) How button tuck or pinchwheel or known also as button taffeta/ tufted tablecloth linen can add texture to your table.


we all know most linen are flat and simple. So if your in a mood for texture as your table décor, a great way is to implement pinchwheel taffeta tablecloth linen. WARNING, be wear of vendors that sell pinchwheel taffeta tablecloth linen online. Most of them are really scrunched up and instead of a nice large pinchwheel the fabric is twisted and sown as small pinches that look like a DYI gone bad.

All of iDesign’s Linens are custom sown here in California. We don’t us any third party laundry as the linen is very fragile and cant be just stuck in a washing machine. Washing machines are not made for specialty linens, especially for pinchwheel taffeta tablecloth linen.This amazing taffeta is very unique it its own way, known for many bridal grounds and specialty evening dresses. With its double threaded elegance gives you the feel of cheek sheerness as it resembles the iridescent fabric qualities.


LINENS (107)

Because of their special design, pinch wheel or other call it button tufted, this linen adds as a work of art of it’s own, leaving your table elegant and cultureless. Pinchwheel taffeta tablecloth linens are very new to our market, made known to us last year, they made a dashing entry due to their unusual and elegant texture.

Pinchwheel taffeta tablecloth linens come in a few an array of colors. Please call our representative to check on availability. Happy Planning.




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